We simply must settle, once and for all, the two most important truths for all children of God. Number one, He is good no matter what life’s circumstances tempt us to believe about Him. And number two, each of us is very important. How do we settle these two issues in our hearts? How do we contend for the truth of who the real God is?

We war and win with our words. As mentioned in Rainbow God: The Seven Colors of Love, you can think the right thoughts all day long, but until your brain hears your voice speak the truth, it won’t create a new pathway of thought or a new option of response to whatever you go through. You can understand that you’ve believed lies about God and yourself, but if you don’t create an ongoing new way of thinking, you’ll continue to live and react out of those lies.

Remember, when you speak these truth statements out loud, it has the potential to literally “rewire” your brain. Neuroscientists have proven that when our brains hear our own voices speak something out loud, it creates a new pathway for thought to travel on in the brain. Something about our voice causes a chemical response that only happens when we hear ourselves speak. And when that chemical response happens, the neurons that thoughts travel on in the brain connect, forming new pathways of thought. The more you say something, the more you think it; and the more traveled that pathway of thought is, the easier that way of thinking becomes. It’s the basic idea behind developing habits.

We encourage you to print the Truth Statements below so that you can read them out loud to yourself every day, for 30 days. Deal a final blow to the thoughts that torment you and undermine your intimacy with God and who He created you to be. Because the truth is, you are worth it! Be prepared for things to change drastically for you in every way – spiritually, emotionally, and even your physical health!

Rainbow God Truth Statements

I will not allow my trust in God to be stolen anymore. I understand that the reality of who God is, is not limited to circumstances and situations I have been through or will go through or will watch others go through. I know God is good because He showed me through Jesus. I can taste and see that God is good in the spirit realm, which is more real than my perceptions in this earthly realm.

I am not alone and never have been, even when I felt like I was. God is good even when I don’t feel like He is. God is good even if I can’t see it at the moment or in past memories, therefore I will trust Him. I am ok with the contradiction and mystery that is a part of my relationship with Him. I still want to be close to Him.

Because I can trust God, I want to be near Him and I want Him near me. Because I trust God, I feel comfortable in His presence and I can be myself and easily express what I am feeling when I am with Him.

I trust God and therefore I will go to Him often as the Source of everything I need. I am ok with being utterly dependent on Him. Because God is good I can interact with Him easily and confidently. I can put my confidence in Him no matter what my perceptions of Him have been.

I want God’s influence in everything I do, in all that I am, and in every choice I make.
Even when I cannot see or understand where and what God is doing, I trust His character and nature, His motives, and His abilities, more than I do my own. I give God complete access to all that I have and do because His ways are better than mine. What’s mine, is God’s.

I can rejoice over what I see God doing with others because I trust what He is doing with me and all that concerns me. I don’t need to feel overwhelmed because I am not alone and I don’t carry my responsibilities or concerns alone.

I can be full of joy because God is using everything in my life that I have been through and will go through to work together for my good. My good is to know the true heart of God towards me and to grow in the knowledge of who He really is, not who I have assumed He is. I can trust God because He is good.

My body can let go of the physical symptoms I have had from not being able to trust God because I have now resolved that it is ok for me to trust Him. I give myself permission to pursue true deep intimacy with God because I trust Him.

All God has ever wanted was intimacy with me – for me to know Him like He knows me. I will know Him every day, through every situation. I am growing in the knowledge of God and intimacy with Him and nothing can ever take that away, so whatever I am going through is worth it!

I am so convinced of God’s love for me that I am free to love Him back by displaying to the world who He is in the areas of culture that I am passionate about.

I live…
to know the real God, to make the real Him known,
to learn to be loved, and to learn to love.

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