I Love You Too

by Elizabeth

For years I struggled with feeling truly loved by God. I mean I believed that He loved me, but in the core of who I am, in that place I react and make decisions from, I didn’t feel loved. What a journey it’s been discovering the truth, the truth that I am loved extravagantly, without measure or conditions by the One who dreamed me into existence.

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Earth Destroyed?

by Johnny
(For those interested in Doctrine)

In the book Rainbow God, we addressed the fact that it is widely believed by many Christians that God will come and destroy the world again because of sin and evil on the earth. There seems to be a lack of understanding of some scriptures relating to the end times, especially 2 Peter 3:3-13. Many believe that the end of all things will be a repeat destruction like the great flood (or worse) of the planet. This subject deserves an in depth study which we didn’t get into in the book, but will in this article for those interested.

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