They Will Know HIS Love When They Know OUR Love.

What do you want to be known for? Do you want to be known for what you are against or what
you are for? But more importantly, what do we want God to be known for? We want to know the
real God and make the real Him known, right? Who have you found Him to be to you? If you
have known Him as less than the loving perfect Papa that He is, then that is who you will
present Him as to others.

Until the world knows how much we love them, they won’t have a chance to know how much He
loves them. And until they know how much He loves them, they won’t have a chance to know
His amazing solutions for their broken lives and our broken culture. So if we are going to help
the world know how much He loves them, we’ve got to give them the same love He has given

What better understanding is there of that perfect love God pours out on us than we read about
in 1 Corinthians 13. The following “I Choose Love” statements are an expanded version of this
well known scripture. We would like to challenge you to read them out loud daily for 30 days in
order to align your heart and thinking with the kind of love we’ve been given. Prepare yourself
for great personal breakthrough because these statements have the power to literally “rewire”
your brain! Neuroscientists have proven that when our brains hear our own voices speak
something out loud, it creates a new pathway for thought to travel on in the brain. Something
about our voice causes a chemical response that only happens when we hear ourselves speak.
And when that chemical response happens, the neurons that thoughts travel on in the brain
connect, forming new pathways of thought. The more you say something, the more you think it;
and the more traveled that pathway of thought is, the easier that way of thinking becomes. It’s
the basic idea behind developing habits and its time the sons and daughters of God develop the
habit of LOVE.

May this be the year that our reputation of love is known in every home, office, shopping mall,
Facebook post, etc. Wherever your voice is heard, let it resound with love!

I Choose Love

Today is another day full of opportunities to know the real You and to make the real You known,
to learn to be loved, and to love.

Today I will care for Your heart because You care for mine. Today I will love You well, I will love myself well, my family and others well.

I will choose love over all else and I fully realize it will be costly to do so.

Today I choose to be patient, to be kind, not to be envious of anyone, and not to boast about
myself or what I’ve done. I reject pride in myself and choose humility.

Today I will love by not dishonoring anyone. I cannot possibly truly love while looking out for
myself, so I leave that up to God.

I refuse to be known as one who gets angry easily. Today when someone wrongs me, I will
forgive and forget. I refuse to enjoy talking about what is wrong, but I will celebrate what is right and true.

I will always choose to protect rather than uncover or attack. I will always trust and assume the
best instead of being suspicious or assuming the worst.

The radical love I choose today will never allow me the luxury of anything less than a hopeful
perspective about God or myself, about my family or friends, or about the world.

I will relentlessly, without a moment or day off, continue in this kind of love- excluding no one, no matter who they are and no matter how I’ve been treated by them.

Today I cannot fail because today I choose the kind of love that always brings true success and
true life.

I am not a child so I refuse to talk, think, or debate like a child.

Today I live with the awareness that I will soon see God face to face and know Him as intimately
as He knows me, therefore I’ll act like the adult that I am and focus on what I will take with me
into eternity- my growing ability to believe in what I cannot yet see, my growing ability to filter
everything through the understanding that God’s heart towards me is always good, and my
growing ability to choose to be extravagant with the love that has been given to me. But my
favorite will forever be getting and giving this crazy love!

The truth is, even if I never show another person this kind of love, I will have full access to it myself. Because of its very definition, I can do nothing to earn it, therefore I won’t require others to either. It is my privilege to choose to give this true love freely as it has been given freely to me. I refuse to be motivated by an obligation, burden, or need to perform for God.

Today wherever my voice is heard, let it resound with love!

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